The Story of Bill and
BilyRay's Old Style Gourmet Sweet & Spicy Barbecue Sauce

"It's darn good!" That's what you'll hear after someone's tasted BilyRay's Old Style Gourmet Sweet & Spicy Barbecue Sauce, even from folks who don't usually like sauce and condiments on their food.

It's no wonder Bill Ashford can say with a confident smile, "You'll like the taste!"

What makes Bill's BBQ Sauce so special? A special blend gives it its unique taste. It's not just a sauce. "Anyone can make a good barbecue sauce, but I have perfected the taste. It is the taste that makes my sauce a cut above the rest."

BilyRay's Old Style Gourmet Sweet & Spicy Barbecue Sauce is really, well, just right - a truly perfect mix of sweet and spice; not too tomato tasting and not a hint of artificial flavored filler goop - just a smooth blend of fresh, natural ingredients that your taste buds, "mmm-mmm", will savor.

The sauce's special recipe has its roots in Holy Grove, Arkansas where Bill's father, a farmhand on a plantation, first created the sweet and spicy blend from scratch. "He used the ingredients that they had around the farm to make the sauce - tomato, onion, syrup, sugar, honey and apple or peach wood for the fire." The sauce Bill's father made in those days was mainly used with pork meat. One of Bill's memories of his father's sauce was when he was about ten years old on a summer day. Bill's father would barbecue beef ribs on the weekends and everyone in the neighborhood came to eat and enjoy that special tasty sauce.

The family moved to Omaha, Nebraska in 1945, where Bill grew up, and where the recipe was handed down to Bill's brother. Bill moved to Minneapolis in 1973. In 1978 his brother, still in Omaha, passed the recipe on to Bill.

Until Bill acquired the family recipe, it was mainly served at barbeques with family and friends. Everyone who tasted the sauce encouraged Bill's family to sell it in the stores. That's just what Bill has decided to do, but not without perfecting the already noticeably uniquely delicious sauce. "I wanted more. I wanted a sauce that tasted perfect. So, I created BilyRay's Old Style Gourmet Sweet & Spicy Barbecue Sauce."

Unlike in his father's days, ribs isn't the only food you'll find Bill serving with his sauce. "BilyRay's BBQ sauce is excellent with all barbecued lamb, beef, roast, chicken, turkey, meat loaf, sloppy joes, hamburgers, hot dogs, beef stew, spaghetti, meat balls, and baked beans. It is also good over salad and fish. Not recommended with cereals."

Bill's vision is to see BilyRay's Old Style Gourmet Sweet & Spicy Barbecue Sauce in all the stores across the United States within 2-3 years. "My overall goal is to have the best barbecue sauce on the market. I have to say: You'll like the taste!" And when you do taste it, you too will be saying, "It's darn good!" in color and taste the way bbq sauce should be.